lnstitutional, behavioural, critical and adaptative economics
towards sustainable development, management of natural capital and circular economy

BESIDE is framed in four pillars

Institutional economics

How do institutions shape and constrain sustainable resources management

Behavioural economics

What is needed to provide sustainable resources management

Critical economics

Drawbacks and limits to as well as going beyond the ecosystem services approach

Adaptative economics

Model competitive advantage for existing and new businesses and jos


Know more about the research Platform


To be an Environmental Economics and Natural Resources (ocean, forest and mineral) sustainable management world class platform in University of Aveiro/CESAM


Build and boost from within: by exploring our core team strengths, searching for multidisciplinarity links and fostering out of the box collaborations we will develop new projects, new knowledge and new cpacity building in EENR.

Focus Areas

Implement insitutional changes aligned with ERA. Increase atractiveness for Internationally excellent researchers. Increase Research excelence in EENR.
Improve capacity to compete internationaly for funding and partnerships.

Projects contributing to BESIDE


Blueprint For Atlantic-Arctic Agora On Cross-Sectoral Cooperation For Restoration Of Marine And Coastal Ecosystems And Increased Climate Resilience Through Transformative Innovation


Modelling restoration of wetlands for carbon pathways, climate change mitigation and adaptation, ecosystem services, and biodiversity co-benefits


Prescribed burning, fire risk and eucalypts productivity: from research to practice.


Women in blue economy intelligence gathering and capacity boosting.

Meet our team

Led by passionate experts, we have a multidisciplinary team of researchers and PhD Students, from biology, biochemistry, ecology, economics, health ans social sciences. 

Scientific Coordinator

Ana Lillebø

Responsible for overall scientific vision and project management and coordination.

ERA Chair Holder

Helena Vieira

Responsible for the development of the platform BESIDE, the competitive research agenda and strategy plan.

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BESIDE is based at the University of Aveiro and involves members of CESAM, GOVCOPP, UACoopera and the Rectory. Its team is located at the Department of Environment and Planning, the Department of Biology, the Department of Social Sciences and the Rectory.

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